Killed in Action – World War II

No memorial was erected locally, after World War II, to those from Bowburn who gave their lives in that war. Nor was there an outdoor War Memorial at which wreaths could be laid on Remembrance Sunday, every year in November.

Bowburn Village Celebration (aka “BVC”), which was formed in 1994 to prepare celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of VE Day and the end of World War II, commissioned a new War Memorial, which was erected near the entrance to Prince Charles Avenue. It was dedicated on 7th May 1995 – “To Those Who Fell In War To Give Us Peace”.

Subsequently, BVC produced a Book of Remembrance which lists local men who lost their lives in World War II, with regimental and next of kin details. It was dedicated on 26th July 1998, in Bowburn Community Centre, where it is now displayed in a cabinet, specially made by local ex-miner John Johnson, from wood from pews in Bowburn Methodist Church.

A page each is dedicated to the memory of the following men:

    • Fred Barlow (29), of 71, Dene View, Cassop

    • Henry Bell (29), of 20, Wylam Street, Bowburn

    • Roland Brown (24), of 14, Burn Street, Bowburn

  • Christopher Walker Carlin (35), of 27, Durham Road West, Bowburn

  • William Rogerson Cook (34), or 13, Durham Road West, Bowburn

  • Clifford Crowe (25), of 28, Steavenson Street, Bowburn

  • George Elsbury (22), of 10, Steavenson Street, Bowburn

    • Robert Wilson Fleetham (37), of 25, School Street, Tursdale

    • Frank Harker (27), of 2, Norton Ave, Bowburn

    • Wilfred Holden (23), of 9, Heugh Hall Street (Row)

    • Stanley Burton Howell (20), of 63, Ramsay Street, Tursdale

    • Ralph Johnston (19), of 117, Park Avenue, Park Hill

    • William Jordan (22), of 14, Durham Road, Bowburn

    • James William Marr (34), of 50, Ramsay Street, Tursdale

    • Thomas Henry Richard McKeag (20), of 1, Heugh Hall Street (Row)

    • Frank Newby (24), of 70, Dene View, Cassop

    • Robert Pringle (33), of 6, Grange Park Crescent, Bowburn

    • Robert Rowcroft Ridley (22), of 56, Ramsay Street, Tursdale

    • Joseph Smalley (20), of 12, Clarence Street, Bowburn

    • Richard Norman Snowdon (24), of 105, Park Ave, Park Hill

    • Harrison Stainthorpe (22), of 25, Durham Road West, Bowburn

    • Francis Barkhouse Stewart (23), of 8, Durham Road West, Bowburn

    • Thomas Thomson (37), of 5, Clarence Street, Bowburn

    • Henry Outram Thwaite (23), of West Hetton Lodge

    • Albert Travers (23), of 2, Castle Street, Bowburn

    • James Truby (20), of 17, Durham Road West, Bowburn

    • Thomas Venners (20), of 113, Park Avenue, Park Hill

    • George William Wharrier (21), of 4, Steavenson Street, Bowburn

    • Thomas Edward Willey (24), of 6, Bow Street, Bowburn

    • Joseph William (Willie) Young (22), of Peat Edge Farm, Tursdale Rd

[Note that most of the addresses given above are those of the men’s parents.]

To download the information contained in the Book of Remembrance, please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

For information covering a much wider area, see the North East War Memorials Project’s excellent website:

Bowburn Colliery

Ten men were also killed at Bowburn Colliery during World War II:

Joseph Blythe (57)

Wm. Dennis Gibson (18)

Richard Hewison (45)

Thomas William Kendle (31)

William Scott (19)

Robert William Stapleton (43)

Nicholas Swainston (20)

William Thompson (55)

Joseph Watson (39)

Naisbett Wilson (37)

and one other died after the War from injuries received in 1944:

James William Knight (61, in 1946)

Scroll down to see all the pages in the Bowburn Book of Remembrance, below.

Bowburn Book of Remembrance.pdf