Bowburn LHS meetings 2023

Meetings in 2023

Monday 9th January

Mike Syer, Bowburn LHS: 

“Lessons from Bowburn School logbooks”

Monday 13th February

Gary Parker, Bowburn LHS:

“Keeping the Wheels of King Coal Turning and my small part in the Big Machine”

(at Tursdale NCB Workshops)

Monday 13th March

Tony Carroll, Esh Group:

“A History of the Esh Group”

Monday 17th April (Note – THIRD Monday of month)

 Pat Wilcock & Mike Syer, Bowburn LHS:

“A History of Bowburn Playgroup”

Monday 15th May

AGM and members’ evening:

Family history? How and where people lived and worked locally? What are your local history interests?

Monday 12th June

Carolyn Ball, Durham County Records Office

“The Story”

(Durham County Records Office’s new base at Mount Oswald)

Monday 10th July

 Terry Dunn, Bowburn LHS:

"Old Lost Farms and Houses"

[No meeting in August]

Monday 11th September

“Bowburn in the 1921 Census”

Monday 9th October

John Fuller, Bowburn LHS:

“Methodism in Bowburn”

Monday 13th November

John Davison, Bowburn LHS:

“Durham men in the Great War”

[Note: The talk by Nicola Craddock, The Redhills Team, about Redhills Miners’ Hall, was postponed till a date to be confirmed.]

[No public meeting in December]