Letter from Mrs Storey to Crowtrees WMC, 1915

This letter was sent by the wife of Jack Storey, landlord of the premises at the top of Durham Road West (now the Sir Taj Restaurant) in 1915.

With thanks to the late Jimmy Madgin, who allowed us to copy of this letter.

3 Ash Terrace,

Bowburn Colliery

[received? Aug. 29/15]


In answer to yours on the 24th re the Club rent,

I may say we have considered the matter well now and we cannot see our way clear to take 20/= per week, and as you know the value of the property if you reckon it at 5% it comes to 20/= per week that will take 22/= for premises and 1/= for fixtures making a total of 23/= per week.

If you agree to this please to let me have the Balance of 18/= up to August 23rd and I will send your Rent Book to the Club made up to that date or you can remit tomorrow £2-1-0 up to August 30th 1915.

Yours truly

Mrs. H. Storey