HMI Report 1912

Report of H.M.I’s Inspection on 20th, 21st & 22nd November 1912

Mr J.F.M. Haslam

Mixed Department

Premises:– The boys’ Offices must not again be allowed to remain in the condition in which they were found on the day of inspection

Instruction. Difficulties of the type familiar in a new colliery village have affected the progress of the scholars here; and before the state of the school can materially improve much attention will have to be given to the primary subjects. Kn the circumstances, the emphasis laid on Elementary Science is still excessive; for example, while the teachers regularly prepare elaborate notes on this subject (as well as on History & Geography), the evidently need to devote far more consideration to the improvement of their method in teaching Reading, Arithmetic and Composition. A great deal of the written English in all classes (except Std V.) is inadequately corrected, with a corresponding lack of care and diligence on the part of the children.

It is necessary to add that the Head Master is fully aware of most of the weaknesses in the work, and devotes as much time as he can spare to regular supervision & criticism.

Points in connection with Physical Exercises, Drawing, Music, & Needlework were discussed during the Inspection.”