HMI Report 1911

Report of the visit of Messrs Haslam and Shawyer, H.M.I’s., on 16th May 1911:–

“The school is a comparatively new one, and the attainments of the children, even of those in a single class, are in consequence very uneven. The Head Teacher, however, appears to be fully aware of the weakness in primary subjects shown by a considerable number of the older children, and there appears to be no reason why the teaching should not ultimately be successful. The following points may be placed on record:–

1. Certain improvements in the Time Table have been suggested orally.

2. The Syllabus required considerable modification under present conditions, and nearly all the children would profit by a prolonged and systematic revision of past work. It may be advisable, moreover, to treat certain classes in two divisions in order to provide for this revision without retarding those who are more advanced.

3. The teachers’ notes bear witness to much painstaking work, but the children, though neat and tidy in appearance, are not very alert and responsive; both in arithmetic and composition (oral & written) they require to be roused to use their own intelligence to a greater degree.

4. In certain cases, closer attention to Chapters II & III of the Board’s Syllabus of Physical Exercises is necessary (1909), and, until the earlier tables are mastered it is undesirable to proceed to the more difficult.”