Bowburn Cemetery

Bowburn Cemetery was established by Cassop-cum-Quarrington Parish Council, to whom it still belongs, in 1945.

The first burial, that of Molly Ann Peacock, was on 9th May 1945, although the cemetery was not actually consecrated (by the Bishop of Durham, Alwyn Williams) till 6th September 1945.

Details of the 522 burials up to and including July 2013 can viewed by clicking on “Bowburn Cemetery-Register of Burials”.

Anyone visiting the cemetery might like to know that the rows referred to in the Register run uphill, parallel to the driveway. They are listed alphabetically, from L to V, from east to west, with row L the one that is nearest to the drive. The graves in each row are numbered from north (at the bottom of the cemetery) to south (at the top).

Photographs of many of the earlier gravestones will be posted on this site in due course.