1921 Census

A national household census was conducted on Sunday 19th June 1921. It recorded details about the occupants of every household on that night, including their relationship to the head of household, their marital status, age, occupation, and county and place of birth.

For the first time it also recorded where they worked – though many, here, were “Out of Work” because of the recent coal mining industrial dispute – and also whether children aged under 15 had lost a parent, as had often happened in World War I but also during the recent flu epidemic and, inevitably, from colliery accidents.

To see who was living in Bowburn and nearby at the time of this Census, click on the “Pop out” ikon (a pen in a square) at top right corner of the image below.  You can then search for names, addresses etc.

This list at present includes well over 6,000 people – everyone present that day in Cassop-cum-Quarrington, Coxhoe, Cornforth and Shincliffe parishes (including the unparished Whitwell House and Sherburn House).

1921 Census – Cassop-cum-Quarrington + Cornforth + Coxhoe + Shincliffe.xlsx