HMI Reports

Between 1909, when Bowburn School was established, and 1958, when Bowburn Modern School opened (leaving no children over the age of 11+), there were ten reports made following visits by H.M. Inspectors – the early equivalent of OFSTED.

These were copied in full, by hand, into the headteacher’s logbook. (The early ones were short but frequent. The last is much longer!)

They were made following visits made on the following dates.

To read them on-line, click on the year.

(when the headteacher was Joseph Pyke Wake)

24th & 25th February 1910

16th May 1911

20th, 21st & 22nd November 1912

14th October 1914

(when the headteacher was George Frederick Holmes)

25th August 1921

27th June 1924

27th & 28th October 1927

5th & 6th March 1931

10th & 13th February 1936

(when the headteacher was David John Evans)

23rd, 24th, & 25th March 1954